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Let's say we're trying to multiply 27 times 48. The 2 and the 7 are going to get separate columns and you write your 48 down the right-hand side, and then you draw a lattice. The 4 is going to get its own row and the 8 is going to get its own row.

This is why it's called lattice multiplication. Now the fun thing about lattice multiplication is you get to do all of your multiplication at one time and then you can finish up the problem with all your addition.

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I'm going to do a couple of lattice multiplication examples in this video.

And in the next one we'll try to understand why it worked.

Her hard work and courage paid off as she won the Prime Minister’s Trophy in the international category of the 2017 Bahasa Melayu International Public Speaking (PABM) competition.

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