My friend is dating a married man

14-Nov-2017 02:56

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I don't want to be judgmental, because I think that all people have their own path and need to learn things in their own way. You know, the golden rule, do unto others, what goes around comes around, karma . There are just too many disappointments, disadvantages and even dangers that threat women who pursue such a course of action.Men who have an affair are like jackals, who seek pleasure despite the significant risk.Click here to read the experience of having an affair with a married man from the beginning.We all hear about those rare occasions when something like this works, but it’s far more common for a recently separated person to end up hurting someone badly, whether that’s intentional or not.This question is from a Group Therapy post in our Très Sugar Community. One of my friends has been having an affair with a married man. Another part of me feels like this is so much not my business that I shouldn't hang out with her anymore.

I’m trying not to judge you, and I appreciate your honesty, but I don’t feel comfortable spending the evening with him out on a romantic date. We have asked family to understand our rules and everyone respects this. She always buys extremely expensive gifts; always the most technologically advanced item she can find.One of the great joys of being an aunt is to be a lavish giver to nieces and nephews. Tell her again that your children cannot have toys with technology because of your concerns it might trigger a seizure. And tell her the girls would love it if they each received a special book from their aunt.