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19-Nov-2017 16:13

Most likely, it'll be a satisfying mix of both.After all, Capricorn, an (impactful) cardinal sign, would get bored and lose respect for a timid lover.They'll double down on earth element kinds of things, possibly to the point of overdoing it.A Capricorn (Sun) often finds a lusty lover with a bawdy sense of humor.Similarity pays off early for these two dwellers of the Earth; support, structure and foundation and a firm head on both shoulders.What started out as a blessing could end up a curse, as these two become prisoners of their own runaway success.One of the two may have to break the serious nature of their accord every once in a while, to reveal the fun and adventure they are both yearning for but never knew.

Financially and socially both are good for each other.Any possibility of it not working out often comes down to the eclectic circumstances within which a Capricorn woman may find herself.[hr] Earth Signs won’t be surprising any of us here: the theme of two Capricorns coming together in unison is a rock-steady, solid foundation.In this series of reports, I have outlined many pairings of horoscope signs that come from totally different perspectives when it comes to personality, emotions, ideas, ideals, that kind of thing.

In many of those matches, there’s always this tension between the fact that opposites sometimes do attract and can lead to great things, and the very real possibility that there could be an explosion.

It’s a trend that can usually set in for life, even if some Capricorns are more equal than others.